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Acronis True Image Home is the most advanced home PC backup software with the widest variety of backup choices – including free cloud storage – your files, photos, media library, or entire system are safe wherever you choose.
Disk imaging
Backup and restore the exact configuration of your PC including your operating system, settings, and applications. Now – even to the cloud.
Incremental backup
Backup locally or to your cloud storage space, without the need to run a full-system backup every time. Incremental and differential backups only capture changes since your last backup to save time and storage space.
Fast, secure, simple – the files you choose are wirelessly pushed to all your devices running True Image 2014 or the free mobile apps: Android and iOS.
Nonstop PC backup
Revisit any file, folder or your entire system at a specific point in time – True Image records on-going changes as you work.
Secure Zone
Store a disk backup on your system drive. Recover on the fly, even if your operating system has failed.
Install any software, browse any websites with confidence – with Try&Decide technology, you decide if you want to keep any changes to your computer.
And more ...
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Nov 01, 2020 Acronis True Image 2014 belongs to System Utilities. The latest installation package takes up 621 MB on disk. The most frequent installer filenames for the software are: TrueImage.exe and TrueImageLauncher.exe etc. Acronis True Image 2014 gives home users reliable full system backup, recovery and file synchronization. Back up locally and online using secure Acronis Cloud storage (5GB included).

Download Acronis documents in PDF format to be able to read them offline. Read short descriptions of terms used in Acronis True Image 2014. Technical support. If you cannot resolve your issue by using this documentation, contact Acronis technical support. You can create a standalone version of Acronis True Image 2014 that you can use to boot a crashed machine, or a machine without any operating system and restore an image of your Windows system. For general information on the standalone version of Acronis software see Standalone Version of Acronis Software. With Acronis True Image, creating a full image backup on an external hard drive is as easy as two clicks. Once the drive is connected and Acronis True Image is running, you click Add backup. The entire computer is the default backup source, so you simply need to assign the external drive as the Backup destination and then click Back up now.


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I had an Western Digital OEM version that I used to back up my PC. on a western digital drive. It shows a Recovery file under the H:

I just purchased a full version of Acronis True Image 2014 with update.

I want to know how / if it is possible to just retrieve ( recover) a particular set of files. These are contained in a folder called 'ORCAD' and represent years of component designs utilized in the libraries of the program. Is it possible to copy these without - recovering the whole drive???

I now have a 'clean' system that was made with the Compaq recovery disks and installed everything new. I do not want to overwrite this obviouls7y. Can you help?

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Absolutely. To restore specific data, you have various options:

- You can boot from the ATI bootable Rescue Media and choose a files/folders restore, selecting the files and folders you wish to restore.

- If ATI is installed, you could mount the backup and copy files/folders from it to the drive.

- If ATI is installed, you could double-click the backup to open it in Windows Explorer, then copy files/folders from it to the drive.

- Within ATI, right-click on the backup you wish to restore from and select 'Recover Files'.

That gives you four methods, so at least one should suit you. :)

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And, here's an Acronis note on Restoring Specific Files and Folders from Disk Backup: Utc to ist.

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Acronis 2014

Additional help can be found in signature liink 3 below which has several methods under the item #5 section.

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