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Osx restart spotlight. With New Eden thrown into chaos after a new threat emerges on the fringes of known space, the CONCORD Assembly enlists the assistance of capsuleers to venture off the edges of the map and into the unknown. Beyond charted space lies Abyssal Deadspace, the hazardous domain of a radically advanced civilization, The Triglavian Collective.


Skillers in the Abyss Wednesday, April 15, 2020 You loved the Skilling Spree, you loved the Chilling Spree, and you loved Skilling is Just a Means of Communication. Now, as part of the Eclipse Quadrant, it's time to dive back into the depths of the Abyss and take on whatever comes your way with the new Skillers in the Abyss event! EVE Online, meanwhile, is also holding revenue-steady, apart from its drop last fall. MMO players will recall that last week CCP Games CEO Hilmar Petursson suggested the sci-fi game, under the Pearl Abyss umbrella since the buyout in 2018, is “going through a steep upward trend right now.” At the time, we noted that didn’t seem to be true in terms of player logins, and now we can see it also doesn’t seem to be true in terms of revenue either, as the game still doesn’t appear to.

This new frontier brings the promise of technology light years ahead of the most advanced in New Eden, but the risks involved to acquire it may prove too much for all but the most skilled of pilots.

A new horizon has been drawn, and the beauty of this new domain is matched only by it's unforgiving ferocity. New vessels, weapons, technologies and unimaginable wealth lie beyond, but only for those intrepid few who dare make the journey into the abyss.

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Register fo r the AI event of the year. Pearl Abyss, the maker of Black Desert Online, has agreed to buy Eve Online maker CCP for $425 million. The move is a big expansion into the West for the. For EVE, the figures are for the EVE IP, not just EVE Online. PA stated on the call that revenue as up 30% from core users (I think that’s Omega/subscribers) and increased revenue from China. Q3 was the first full quarter since the Serenity server relaunched. Then add in the revenue from EVE Echoes which launched in August.