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Time Difference. Eastern Daylight Time is 4 hours behind of Universal Time Coordinated 2:00 am 02:00 in EDT is 6:00 am 06:00 in UTC. EST to UTC call time Best time for a conference call or a meeting is between 8am-1pm in EST which corresponds to 1pm-6pm in UTC. Time: 6:30 PM 2230 UTC Elevation: 3004. Airport / FBO Statistics. ODO FBO Information. Jet-A $4.25 /gal. 100LL $5.50 /gal. Notes Updated: 4/15/2021 Texas Aero is located at Schlemeyer Field in Odessa, Texas right in the middle of the booming West Texas oil fields. We are a full service FBO offering hangar. Offset: EST is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and is used in North America Countries: It is used in following countries: Bahamas, Canada, Haiti, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Panama, Turks & Caicos Is, United States Principal Cities: The largest city in the EST timezone is New York City from USA with population about 8.175 million people. Eastern Standard Time: This zone is five hours behind from Universal Coordinated Time. It is written as UTC -5:00. The eastern portion of the United States uses it, along with EDT during the summer months which is subsequently written as UTC: -4:00.

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9330Su04000359UTCSu12:00AM11:59PMESTWorld's Last Chance
7490Su16002100UTCSu12:00PM05:00PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
7490Su21002200UTCSu05:00PM06:00PMESTMarion's Attic
6160Su22002230UTCSu06:00PM06:30PMESTGlenn Hauser's World of Radio
7490Su22002300UTCSu06:00PM07:00PMESTUncle Bill's Melting Pot
6160Su22302300UTCSu06:30PM07:00PMESTHobart Radio International
7490Su23000000UTCSu07:00PM08:00PMESTLe Show with Harry Shearer
6160Su23000000UTCSu07:00PM08:00PMESTRadio Timtron Worldwide
6160Mo00000300UTCSu08:00PM11:00PMESTRadio New York International
6160Mo00000230UTCSu08:00PM10:30PMESTAmerican Debauchery with Duane Bruce
7490Mo00000100UTCSu08:00PM09:00PMESTVoice of Revival
7490Mo01000330UTCSu09:00PM11:30PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
6160Mo02300300UTCSu10:30PM11:00PMESTFree Radio Skybird
6160Mo03000400UTCSu11:00PM12:00AMESTHerald of Truth
9330Mo04000359UTCMo12:00AM11:59PMESTWorld's Last Chance
7490Mo16002100UTCMo12:00PM05:00PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
7490Mo20002100UTCMo04:00PM05:00PMESTFinancial Survival
7490Mo21002200UTCMo05:00PM06:00PMESTThe Remnant Ministry
7490Mo22002300UTCMo06:00PM07:00PMESTAllan and Angela Worldwide
7490Mo23000000UTCMo07:00PM08:00PMESTUncle Bill's Melting Pot
6160Mo23000100UTCMo07:00PM09:00PMESTArea 61 Old Time Radio
7490Mo23300000UTCMo07:30PM08:00PMESTCamp Constitution Radio
7490Tu00000100UTCMo08:00PM09:00PMESTFrom the Isle of Music
7490Tu01000200UTCMo09:00PM10:00PMESTThe Hal Turner Show
6160Tu01000200UTCMo09:00PM10:00PMESTThe Hal Turner Show
7490Tu02000300UTCMo10:00PM11:00PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
6160Tu03000500UTCMo11:00PM01:00AMESTLate Nite in the Heartland
7490Tu03000330UTCMo11:00PM11:30PMESTLate Nite in the Heartland
9330Tu04000359UTCTu12:00AM11:59PMESTWorld's Last Chance
7490Tu16002000UTCTu12:00PM04:00PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
7490Tu19002000UTCTu03:00PM04:00PMESTPirate Joe Extravaganzo
7490Tu20002100UTCTu04:00PM05:00PMESTFinancial Survival
7490Tu21002200UTCTu05:00PM06:00PMESTAllan and Angela Worldwide
7490Tu23000000UTCTu07:00PM08:00PMESTAlan Sane
6160Tu23000100UTCTu07:00PM09:00PMESTArea 61 Old Time Radio
7490We00000100UTCTu08:00PM09:00PMESTTom Call Theater
7490We01000200UTCTu09:00PM10:00PMESTThe Hal Turner Show
6160We01000200UTCTu09:00PM10:00PMESTThe Hal Turner Show
7490We02000300UTCTu10:00PM11:00PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
7490We03000330UTCTu11:00PM11:30PMESTLate Nite in the Heartland
6160We03000500UTCTu11:00PM01:00AMESTLate Nite in the Heartland
9330We04000359UTCWe12:00AM11:59PMESTWorld's Last Chance
7490We16001900UTCWe12:00PM03:00PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
7490We20002100UTCWe04:00PM05:00PMESTFinancial Survival
7490We21002130UTCWe05:00PM05:30PMESTGlenn Hauser's World of Radio
7490We21302200UTCWe05:30PM06:00PMESTGoddess Irena 1 Music Show
7490We22002300UTCWe06:00PM07:00PMESTAllan and Angela Worldwide
6160We23000100UTCWe07:00PM09:00PMESTArea 61 Old Time Radio
7490We23000030UTCWe07:00PM08:30PMESTJust Right
7490Th00300100UTCWe08:30PM09:00PMESTAmericana Music Program
6160Th01000200UTCWe09:00PM10:00PMESTThe Hal Turner Show
7490Th01000300UTCWe09:00PM11:00PMESTThe Hal Turner Show
7490Th02000300UTCWe10:00PM11:00PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
7490Th03000330UTCWe11:00PM11:30PMESTLate Nite in the Heartland
6160Th03000500UTCWe11:00PM01:00AMESTLate Nite in the Heartland
9330Th04000359UTCTh12:00AM11:59PMESTWorld's Last Chance
7490Th16002000UTCTh12:00PM04:00PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
7490Th20002100UTCTh04:00PM05:00PMESTFinancial Survival
7490Th21002300UTCTh05:00PM07:00PMESTAmateur Radio Roundtable
7490Th23002330UTCTh07:00PM07:30PMESTCountry Music Program
6160Th23000100UTCTh07:00PM09:00PMESTArea 61 Old Time Radio
7490Th23300000UTCTh07:30PM08:00PMESTCamp Constitution Radio
7490Fr00000100UTCTh08:00PM09:00PMESTChristian Missionary Radio Evangelism
6160Fr01000300UTCTh09:00PM11:00PMESTThe Hal Turner Show
7490Fr01000200UTCTh09:00PM10:00PMESTThe Hal Turner Show
7490Fr02000300UTCTh10:00PM11:00PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
6160Fr02000300UTCTh10:00PM11:00PMESTRadio For Peace International
7490Fr03000330UTCTh11:00PM11:30PMESTLate Nite in the Heartland
6160Fr03000500UTCTh11:00PM01:00AMESTLate Nite in the Heartland
9330Fr04000359UTCFr12:00AM11:59PMESTWorld's Last Chance
7490Fr16002000UTCFr12:00PM04:00PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
7490Fr20002100UTCFr04:00PM05:00PMESTFinancial Survival
7490Fr21002200UTCFr05:00PM06:00PMESTBehavior Night
7490Fr22002300UTCFr06:00PM07:00PMESTTom Call Theater
7490Fr23000000UTCFr07:00PM08:00PMESTFKB Radio Sermon Time
6160Fr23000000UTCFr07:00PM08:00PMESTArea 61 Old Time Radio
6160Sa00000100UTCFr08:00PM09:00PMESTAllan and Angela Worldwide
7490Sa00000100UTCFr08:00PM09:00PMESTAllan and Angela Worldwide
6160Sa01000200UTCFr09:00PM10:00PMESTThe Hal Turner Show
7490Sa01000200UTCFr09:00PM10:00PMESTThe Hal Turner Show
7490Sa02000300UTCFr10:00PM11:00PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
6160Sa02000300UTCFr10:00PM11:00PMESTRock Wave
7490Sa03000330UTCFr11:00PM11:30PMESTLate Nite in the Heartland
6160Sa03000500UTCFr11:00PM01:00AMESTLate Nite in the Heartland
9330Sa04000359UTCSa12:00AM11:59PMESTWorld's Last Chance
7490Sa16000000UTCSa12:00PM08:00PMESTThe Overcomer Ministry
6160Sa23000000UTCSa07:00PM08:00PMESTRadio Timtron Worldwide
7490Su00000100UTCSa08:00PM09:00PMESTAllan and Angela Worldwide
6160Su00000100UTCSa08:00PM09:00PMESTGrits Radio
7490Su01000330UTCSa09:00PM11:30PMESTShortwave Saturday Night
6160Su01000200UTCSa09:00PM10:00PMESTThe Lumpy Gravy Radio Show
6160Su02000300UTCSa10:00PM11:00PMESTTexas Radio Shortwave
6160Su02000300UTCSa10:00PM11:00PMESTThe Lost Discs Radio Show
6160Su03000400UTCSa11:00PM12:00AMESTGreat Lakes Radio Conspiracy
6160Su03000400UTCSa11:00PM12:00AMESTThe Eric Dolphy Mystery Hour